Report the News from Anywhere on Any Device

Empower your reporting staff with the capability to report live in HD, directly from their mobile device.

Low-cost Content

Use our Iris Flow mobile app to easily enable your entire staff of reporters to broadcast live HD video without any hardware costs.

Roll-out with ease

Iris Flow can be rolled-out quickly and easily within your organization. It’s ready to use once you’ve downloaded the app.

Increased Eyeballs and Revenue

Provide your users with exclusive and engaging real-time content while increasing advertising and other revenue opportunities.

First to the Scene

Capture live video and photo coverage at a moment’s notice. All your reporting staff needs is their mobile phone in their pocket geared with the Iris Flow app to break exclusive news first.

Involve your Audience

Create more user generated content by allowing your users to report on news themselves via your app using our Iris Dev SDKs.

Lose the Satellite Truck

Now it’s possible to send a one-person news team to remote locations without the need for expensive hardware or vehicles.

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Benefits for news and media

Iris Flow app

Built for both Android & iOS, our turn-key app is production ready and lets your reporters start taking real-time HD video in minutes without worrying about infrastructure or scalability. Our app allows your team in the field to upload live or recorded video and photos and with our talkback feature you can interact and direct teams in the field in real-time to make sure you get the right shot.
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • AAC Audio: 8 or 16 kHz on Android – 11 or 22 kHz on iOS
  • HD Video: up to 1280×720 on Android and iOS

Iris Content Management

Our cloud-based content management has been created with news and media broadcasters in mind to make it as easy as possible for you to quickly manage incoming video and image content (via the Iris Flow App or RTMP) for publishing across your network. The intuitive interface allows for easy discovery of incoming live or recorded videos from either staff or users. We integrate seamlessly with your SDI for easy publishing via your usual workflow or through other channels like Facebook Live and Twitter.

Iris Mobile SDK

Your users want to contribute and engage and there’s no easier way to produce additional content and page-views than by harnessing UGC (User Generated Content). Our easy to implement SDKs will allow you to quickly add the ability for your users to record live video straight from your consumer-facing app. You’ll be able to easily edit, manage and publish this video in our Content Management.
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • AAC Audio: 8 or 16 kHz on Android – 11 or 22 kHz on iOS
  • HD Video: up to 1280×720 on Android and iOS

Trusted by the Associated Press

“Iris will now allow every AP employee to go live from the phone in their pocket. Crucially, it means we can better serve our customers by getting them first video even faster than we already do now.”

— Derl McCrudden, Head of International Video News, Associated Press

Fire in Dubai skyscrapers during New Year's Eve 2015

Dubai, UAE on New Year’s Eve 2015

On New Years Eve, an AP writer was waiting for the midnight fireworks to begin. He had just stepped into the street to get some color for his article on New Year’s celebrations in the Gulf when the hotel blaze started. Equipped with the Iris Flow App on his phone, he immediately began streaming live to AP’s newsroom in London, using the cellular network available locally. This gave AP early video of the night’s main story, which it distributed to its customers live as part of an AP service called “AP Direct” that supplies live video to hundreds of professional media customers.
40+ Broadcasters used the live feed including BBC News, BBC World, TV2 Norway, MSNBC, Sky News Arabia, RT, BFM-TV, ABC, TV Asahi, Al Jazeera, France 24, and Fox News, all aired the AP Direct signal LIVE as their lead story.

How does it work?

Ingest live video or upload recorded files using Iris Flow app, Iris Mobile SDK, professional cameras and computers. Preview, verify and publish in real-time.

Overview of Iris Flow

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Features for broadcasters

Mobile and adaptable

Use our turnkey Iris Flow App for one-person news teams with no additional costs or overhead.

Easy set-up

Download the app, login to your Content Management and start publishing exclusive live stream content in minutes.

Optimised video quality

With just a simple 3G/4G connection you’ll get low-latency HD quality video that you can publish through your usual workflow.

Complete control

Use our Content Management to upload live stream or recorded video for easy management and playlist creation.

Scalability & flexibility

Through the Content Management you can publish your content in multiple formats.

No learning curve

The Iris Flow App and Content Management are intuitive and easy to use.

Real-time interaction

Via the Content Management you can use chat or 2-way audio to direct reporters in the field.

Cloud Collaboration

Our cloud-based infrastructure allows disparate teams to work together from anywhere.


Providing extensive APIs for comprehensive and seamless integration with and into other services.

Create UGC

Simple yet powerful SDKs allow you to empower your users to create their own User Generated Content.

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