Integrate low latency end-to-end mobile live video in any app

Source user generated content from within your own app. Share the content there, or on your online platforms for other users to view.

Integrate live streaming in your app

Roll-out with ease

Utilize Iris developer tools to easily integrate low latency live video from iOS and Android devices. Iris Dev offers live video and photo sharing capabilities in your apps, using our advanced, yet developer-friendly, SDKs and APIs.

Focus on what you do best

Iris Dev offers end-to-end live streaming capabilities – from broadcaster to viewer – meaning you don’t have to worry about the challenges of managing the infrastructure required for broadcasting live video to thousands of viewers on different devices.

Generate video inventory

Source content generated directly from the app users. Allow the users to easily contribute to your platform’s media inventory from their mobile device.

On demand

Every live video is saved by default and can be viewed on-demand at a later time.

Early Stage Plan

Is your business in an early stage? Utilize our early stage offer and get a discount.

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Small team

Less than 5 employees

Early stage

Up to $1M in funding

New customer

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Stay in control

The Iris Dev SDKs and APIs are advanced and extensive while being easy to implement, with a feature set that is customizable, keeping the product owners in full control.

Increase engagement and viewership

By providing an outlet for audiences to contribute, share and interact with the content, it will increase engagement and viewership.

Increase revenue

The flow of new and interactive content will boost dwell time and incremental repeat traffic to your platform, boosting advertising and revenue opportunities. Generate high CPM revenues from every video view by using any major ad-network-SDK.

Seamless integration

Providing extensive APIs and documentation for comprehensive and seamless integration with and into other services.

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Benefits for mobile platforms

Robust streaming technology that handles HD video, and adapts quality based on network conditions.

Access to our mature live streaming infrastructure which handles everything from transcoding to scaling behind the scenes.

Advanced set of APIs allows for easy integration with your existing backend.

Simple yet powerful SDKs allow you to effortlessly introduce live streaming capabilities in your app.

Collaborative content incentivizes users and audiences to engage, interact, share, and spend more time on your platform.

Providing large quantities of engaging and interactive content that will encourage repeat traffic to your platform.

Low-latency live video that you can publish to your users.

Generate and source content at scale for your platform.

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