Iris Platform

Video Broadcast and Player SDKs

Iris’ SDKs allow for quickly integrating live video streaming into mobile apps on iOS and Android apps.

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mobile live video

Customize the broadcast view to suit your app

Mobile Broadcast SDK

Our industry leading libraries capture, encode, and transmit low latency live video from iOS and Android devices with ease. Iris Dev SDKs are advanced and extensive while being easy-to-use, with a customizable feature set.

mobile live video

Straight-forward and customizable in-app playback

Comprehensive Player SDK

Lightweight video player SDK for worry-free playback of low latency live video as well as VOD in your app or online platform.


Simple integration. Seamless application.

Iris was built for developers by developers to help you get to market faster without having to worry about building, scaling or maintaining your own video infrastructure. Overcoming real-world streaming obstacles such as poor network conditions, Iris ensures you deliver the best possible mobile live video quality for your users. Simply download our Broadcast and Player SDKs and check out how easy it is to integrate into your app.

class ViewController: UIViewController, BambuserViewDelegate {
  var bambuserView : BambuserView

  required init?(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) {
      bambuserView = BambuserView(preset: kSessionPresetAuto)
      bambuserView.applicationId = "GFZalqkR5iyZcIgaolQmA"
      super.init(coder: aDecoder)
      bambuserView.delegate = self

  override func viewDidLoad() {
      bambuserView.startBroadcasting() // perhaps move this to a button callback

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