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Iris Flow is a ready-to-go product suite comprising all of the tools needed to flip the switch for live video broadcasting within your organization. You can roll out our reliable, low latency, HD video streaming in your organization without having to worry about stability, scaling, infrastructure or older devices.

Iris Flow App

Content Dashboard


Iris Flow App


A production ready app that cuts costs and is easy to deploy

This standalone app, available for iOS and Android, gives companies cost effective, easy-to-use live video as well as photo coverage at a hand. The Iris platform allows organizations to quickly deploy the app, without worrying about mobile device fragmentation, infrastructure or scalability. Once rolled out, the app will allow the employees to go live as well as shoot and upload content from anywhere in the world, directly to a control center or a news room for real-time publishing.

Available for iOS 8 and newer.

Available for Android 4.0.3 and newer.

What kind of companies use the Iris Flow app?

The Iris Flow app is a suitable mobile solution for any organization, brand or news company that operates out in the field and need a solution that is reliable, flexible, cost efficient and easy to deploy. A local, regional or national news organization, first responders, real estate brokers, service engineers are all typical Iris Flow app users.

Iris Flow app

Key Features

Easy to use

The Iris Flow app is intuitive and with just one click on a button you can go live. The app keeps you logged on and no adjustments of settings is needed.

HD and adaptive live broadcasting

The Iris Flow app includes our next generation adaptive live video streaming to ensure highest possible quality at fluctuating bandwidths and bit-rates and allows streaming up to 720p.

Simultaneously local parallel recording

If the network allows it you are able to stream live in 720p. Simultaneously, a local recording is done in highest possible quality and saved to your camera roll, for later editing and uploading.

Uploading of content

Both photos and videos can be uploaded from camera roll to the Content Dashboard, the content management user interface.

Audio talkback

Communicate with the app user over the builtin audio-talkback (IFB), simply by just one click of a button in the Content Dashboard.

Tech Spec

App specifics
OS SupportiOS 8 upwards, Android 4.0.3 upwards.
VideoRear or front facing camera, switch during live stream. Adjustable recording frame rate on devices where applicable.
Resolution and encodingAutomatic live video resolution switching with adaptive bit rate, up to 960x540 resolution on Android and up to 1280x720 on iOS, depending on camera support.
UploadUpload videos and photos from the camera roll.
AudioAAC Audio, 8 or 16 kHz on Android, 11 or 22 kHz on iOS.
Transcoding and hostingTranscoding to a myriad of formats for consumption on different platforms.
RecordingParallel full resolution video recording to camera roll during live broadcasting.
PhotosCapture full resolution photos directly through app.
NetworksWorks over Edge/3G/4G and Wi-Fi.
Geo PositioningOptional geotagging for broadcasts and uploaded media.
Live latencyAverage latency is 1.5s, depending on means of consumption. We can transcode to a myriad of formats for consumption on different platforms, some of which introduce higher latency.

Content Dashboard


Content Dashboard

The Content Dashboard is a cloud-based content management hub and interface which is the control center for all incoming and pre-existing content. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, all content can be managed, processed and published, quickly and easily, facilitating a seamless transition from the user capturing the footage to the end user watching it.

Using the Content Dashboard, decision-makers or senior members of staff can monitor all of the incoming footage, preview the content, give real-time direction and feedback to the users capturing the video out in the field using the audio talkback and text chat features, and ultimately decide what content to publish to your platform.

Iris Content Dashboard: a cloud-based tool

No need for installations.

All user and content management is done in the web browser.

Content Dashboard Workflow


Iris Content Dashboard: discover

In the discovery pane all produced content is available immediately. Filter and manage content based on author, tags, title and location. Delete irrelevant content and instant download anything that requires editing. Toggle between videos and photos, allow for live previews and alert notifications.

Preview and Verify

Iris Content Dashboard: preview and verify

All content includes various amount of relevant and useful meta data, which is important for verification. Control the video quality so it meets your standard and communicate with the contributor via the in-built audio-talkback (IFB) or by sending text messages.


Iris Content Dashboard: publish

Instant publishing via SDI and/or RTMP.

Key Features

Scalable and easy-to-use user management interface

Deploy the Iris Flow app to a large amount of users and manage the users on the Iris Web Portal. Promote some of them to Admins or Moderators. Cloud based and accessible directly in the browser.

Smart filtering

Combine different filters to narrow down content. Filter on author, location, tags and title.

Communicate with the contributor

The Content Dashboard allows for direct communication in real time with all contributors via audio talkback (IFB-style), or via in-screen messaging.


Alert notifications for instant discovery of new footage.

Advanced API for easy integration with existing environments

Easily define rules to programmatically manage content and create additional meta data and tags to any asset for easy organization.

Flexible publishing options

Publish live and recorded videos over SDI and RTMP to virtually any destination.

Tech Spec

Web portal and Content Dashboard
PortalBrowser based CMS for user management. Easy-to-use, browser based content central gives the customer full flexibility to collaborate between different teams within the organization
Tagging, filtering, verifyingFind content based on location, contributor, tags and title. Create additional meta data and tags to any asset for easy organization
CommunicationReal-time two-way audio talk back (IFB) and integrated chat messages
Publishing/outputsVarious options; Live and on demand to SDI, RTMP (CDN) or programmatically via APIs
APIsAdvanced API for easy integration with existing environments. Easily define rules to programmatically manage content.

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With Iris Flow you’ll get

  • Iris mobile app (iOS and Android) for up to 10 users
  • RTMP broadcasting
  • Video and photo uploading
  • Text chat capabilities
  • 2-way audio feedback
  • User-friendly Content Dashboard
  • Live forwarding (RTMP) to OVPs, Facebook, Youtube
  • Standard support1
  • 1TB video storage2

from $950 a month

1 Standard Support; Email support, Office hours 8-17 CET, 24 hours response time

2 Additional storage is charged at USD 0,15 per GB/month (contact sales for volume pricing)

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