The power of live mobile video is revolutionizing the field service industry

Maximize efficiency within your field service organization with mobile live video.

Iris Flow app

Document and store video content

Capture, save and store real-time video and photo documentation throughout every stage of a project. Share updates of your progress or finished work with clients and secure content as proof of compliance with all Quality Assurance regulations or other legal requirements.

Reduce the number of call-outs

Solve complex problems on the spot through colleague collaboration with Iris Flow’s live video, text and talkback features, removing the need for on-site support or even repeat call-outs. Customers can also self-serve through user generated content facilitated by the Iris Dev SDKs, which could eliminate the requirement for a call-outs in general.

Increase customer satisfaction

By boosting the first time fix rate, customer satisfaction will increase greatly due to faster issue resolution and less requirement for technician call-outs or repeat visits.

Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of equipment, training and ultimately manpower within your organization, increasing operational efficiency.

Crucial training resource

The Iris platform products can be used as a core training resource. Field technicians can record and document their journey through solving difficult tasks. Other employees can watch and learn how their colleagues combat complex problems. Videos can also be stored and categorised to make a repository of quality training material for new and junior employees.

Iris Flow app

Integrate seamlessly with existing platforms or apps

Easily integrate the Iris Platform products to your existing Field Service support apps or web-based platforms.

Capture valuable information

With Iris Flow you can capture high quality video and images along with the content’s associated metadata. Valuable data is obtained such as GPS location information, time stamps, photographer details, and more.


Rolling out new technology to your organization will only be worth the investment if your employees find it easy to use, and it doesn’t add any additional time to their standard daily activities. Also, the training of any new process, equipment, or technology can be extensive, disruptive, and not to mention expensive. The Iris Flow App is an easy-to-use, turn-key application which is simply installed on the employee’s mobile phone. It can be issued to your entire workforce, hassle-free.


As many field service organizations deal with sensitive business data and data pertaining to customer’s private information. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the technology and equipment used, can be relied upon to transfer the desired content safely and securely. Iris is a completely secure solution, giving you total control over what is broadcast to your network and to whom it is seen by.

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Benefits for field services

Mobile and adaptable

Use our turn-key Iris Flow app for field service employees with no additional costs or overhead.

Easy set-up

Download the app, login to your Content Management and start publishing live stream content in minutes.

Optimized video quality

With just a simple 3G/4G connection you’ll get low-latency HD quality video that you can publish through your usual workflow.

Archive and store

Save all support video for all future audit, QA, reference and training purposes.

Complete control

Use our Content Management to upload live video, pre-recorded video, or photos for easy management and playlist creation.

Scalability & flexibility

Through the Content Management you can publish your content in multiple formats, assured that your mobile live video solution, can grow with you as your needs evolve.

No learning curve

The Iris Flow app and Content Management are intuitive and easy to use.

Real-time interaction

Via the Content Management you can use text chat or 2-way audio talkback to direct employees or technicians in the field.

Cloud collaboration

Our cloud-based infrastructure allows distant team members to work together from anywhere.

Seamless integration

Our advanced set of APIs allows for easy integration with your current publishing workflow via your SDI.

Create UGC

Simple yet powerful SDKs allow you to empower your users to create their own User Generated Content.

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