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Iris Dev is an advanced set of SDKs designed to easily integrate real-time video and photo contribution capabilities within your native apps and online platforms. Use our SDKs and APIs to aggregate user generated content and deliver it to your app or site.

Mobile Broadcast SDK

Use our industry leading libraries to easily capture, encode, and transmit low latency live video from iOS and Android devices. Advanced and extensive while being easy-to-use, with a customizable feature set.

Comprehensive Player SDK

Lightweight video player SDK for customized and worry-free playback of low latency live video as well as VOD in your own app or the web.

Scalable Infrastructure

Robust and bulletproof infrastructure to reach an audience of any size, on devices around the world.

Platform APIs

Extensive APIs for comprehensive integration with and into other services.

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With Iris Dev you’ll get

  • Broadcast & Player SDKs (iOS and Android)
  • HTML5 player
  • Platform APIs
  • Infrastructure that scales to any number of users
  • Standard support1
  • 1TB video storage2
  • 2,000 viewing hours3
  • 300 video processing hours4

from $1,450 a month

1 Standard Support; Email support, Office hours 8-17 CET, 24 hours response time

2 Additional storage is charged at USD 0,15 per GB/month (contact sales for volume pricing)

3 Additional viewing hours (v.h) are charged at USD 0,20 per v.h (contact sales for volume pricing)

4 Additional video processing hours (vp.h) are charged at USD 0,20 per vp.h (contact sales for volume pricing)

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Iris was built for developers by developers to help you get to market faster without having to worry about building, scaling or maintaining your own video infrastructure. Download our Broadcast and Player SDKs and check out how easy it is to integrate it in your app.

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "libbambuser.h"

@interface ViewController : UIViewController {
    BambuserView *bambuserView;


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