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Canal 13 is the second oldest television station in Chile. It is owned by Luksic Group and associated with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The network controls a total of 5 channels in Chile, and Canal 13 is one of the most popular channels in the country.

Canal 13 staff use Iris Flow app

Ready from day one with the Iris Flow app and SDI outputs:

Canal 13 can go live to television, radio, web, mobile and social networks.

Instant video from reporters to editors

Canal 13 has rolled out the Iris Flow app to its staff and journalists. The app is paired with the web based Iris Live Editor content management dashboard that allows editorial staff to monitor incoming streams and interact in real time with the reporters. Staff in the field submit news footage, interviews and other content. Newsdesk staff are able to freely choose if content shall be broadcasted to television, online platforms or on social networks.

"For us, the most important thing is to report in a timely and accurate manner to our different audiences."

Enrique Mujica, News Director, Canal 13

Instant communication

Canal 13's editors are able to constantly monitor the Live Editor for incoming videos and photos. By communicating through the builtin chat messages and the audio talkback the editors can direct staff in the field and ensure that they always get useful coverage.

Real-time chat and 2-way audio communication.

"The Iris Flow app allows our journalists, wherever they are, to provide high quality multimedia coverage from their smartphones, and thus provide a better service to all our audiences."

Enrique Mujica, News Director, Canal 13