Iris Platform

Content Management

The Content Management is a cloud-based content management hub which is the control center for all incoming and pre-existing content.

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Content Management Made Easy

Through its user-friendly interface, all content is previewed, managed, and published, quickly and easily, facilitating a seamless transition from the user capturing the footage to the end user watching it.

Decision-makers or senior members of staff can use the Content Management to monitor all incoming footage, preview the content, give real-time direction and feedback to the users capturing the video out in the field via the audio talkback and text chat features. Ultimately, the Content Management is where the decisions are made as to what content is published to your platform or what is saved and categorized for later use.

Iris Content Management: a cloud-based tool

All user and content management is completed within the web browser. No installation is required – Just simply log in.

Content Management Workflow


Iris Content Management: discover

All incoming content, including live video and pre-recorded video and images, will be available to view immediately from the discovery pane. Filter and manage content based on author, tags, title and location. Delete irrelevant content and instantly download anything that requires editing. Toggle between videos and photos, and receive alert notifications for live previews.

Preview and Verify

Iris Content Management: preview and verify

Relevant and valuable meta data is contained within all incoming content which is crucial for verification purposes. Control the video quality and reliability so it meets your standards and communicate with the contributor via the in-built audio-talkback (IFB) or text chat features to ensure you get the best possible footage.


Iris Content Management: publish

Categorize and store videos for later use, or publish instantly via SDI and/or RTMP.

Key Features

Scalable and easy-to-use user management interface

Deploy the Iris Flow app to a large amount of users and manage the users on the Iris Web Portal. Promote some of them to Admins or Moderators. Cloud based and accessible directly in the browser.

Smart filtering

Combine different filters to narrow down content. Filter on author, location, tags and title.

Communicate with the contributor

The Content Management allows for direct communication in real time with all contributors via audio talkback (IFB-style), or via in-screen messaging.


Alert notifications for instant discovery of new footage.

Advanced API for easy integration with existing environments

Easily define rules to programmatically manage content and create additional meta data and tags to any asset for easy organization.

Flexible publishing options

Publish live and recorded videos over SDI and RTMP to virtually any destination.

Tech Spec

Web portal and Content Management
Portal Browser based CMS for user management. Easy-to-use, browser based content central gives the customer full flexibility to collaborate between different teams within the organization
Tagging, filtering, verifying Find content based on location, contributor, tags and title. Create additional meta data and tags to any asset for easy organization
Communication Real-time two-way audio talk back (IFB) and integrated chat messages
Publishing/outputs Various options; Live and on demand to SDI, RTMP (CDN) or programmatically via APIs
APIs Advanced API for easy integration with existing environments. Easily define rules to programmatically manage content.

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