Iris Industry Insights: Education

Generation Z was born into a world where the internet, social media and mobile technology have always existed. Due to growing up in a digital world, the world as they know it has always been leading in the forefront in the technology revolution.

Fast forward a couple years and here we are today, Generation Z is entering higher education and the need to rethink how to engage with these students is greater than ever. The change in knowledge of technology and the trends of past education will not be a successful mix for these students to be successful.

By speaking to this generation in their own way is one way to captivate their attention: Video. 95% of Gen Z uses YouTube regularly, and live-streaming video content is a way to break down the walls of the typical classroom stereotypes to adapt to a more reachable approach. As the generations change so does the manner in which we try to communicate.

Educational institutes have become more aware of this leap and have begun to modernize their learning strategies. By using mobile live streaming, it allows for the education sector to expand the reach of their institution in unforeseen possibilities. They are able to captivate a vastly larger audience for events, such as graduations, presentations, lectures, new student orientations, and sporting events.

The ability to live stream lectures globally will expand enrollment without the need for more classroom seats. That being said, it would decrease the cost in of enrollment with a sizable increase in a more diverse audience. It can reinforce change for the future of education through accessibility, and convenience for students and the community involvement by being able to stream on any device, including desktops, tablets, mobile devices.

The Iris Platform enables education institutes the ability to leverage the power of mobile live video, and harness that capability into effective and cost-efficient outputs. Its robust streaming technology handles HD video and adapts quality based on the strength of network condition. Iris offers end-to-end live streaming capabilities, that can be effortlessly integrated into your current business set-up. With the Iris solution, the challenges of managing the infrastructure required to broadcast live video to thousands of viewers on different devices are completely eradicated. Iris takes care of everything from video maintenance and scaling, to stability, allowing educational institutions the ability to concentrate on their students.

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