Customer Success Story: Vinculums Services


Company background

Vinculums was founded in 2000, and has since become a leading Telecom Infrastructure Service Provider for wireless operators throughout the Western and Southern United States. The company offers solutions for: Transport, Real Estate, Construction and Small Cell & DAS.

Vinculums conducts Video Quality Audits (VQA) of cell towers across the United States for telecommunication operators like AT&T, among others.

“We love the platform and that it is helping us to minimize time on audits”

— Joshua Vigil, Project Manager II, Vinculums Services


  • Reducing delivery time per VQA by 57% – 6 hours with Iris compared to 14 hours with original setup
  • Increasing efficiency by 75% – Able to accomplish the same output with 4 employees using Iris as they had with 7 employees using original setup


When conducting VQAs, each audit was recorded using a video conferencing tool and thereafter edited using video editing software before being sent to clients. The tool used for streaming video of audits was not delivering a high-enough quality of video when an audit was finished.

Using two tools for recording and editing audits, meant more work required for finalizing each VQA and less audits could be done per week. Needing more than one software for the final delivery also meant a higher cost in software investment. Vinculums needed a solution that offered HD video streaming from a smartphone with the possibility of editing on the fly.

The company contacted Bambuser to see what the Iris Platform offered in terms of packaging video streaming/recording and editing into one solution. The ultimate desired goal was to reduce the need to go back and edit videos to send to clients and be able to deliver high quality video.

Iris’ contribution

Together with the Iris Flow app, inspectors in the field use the talkback feature to communicate with central field tech while streaming (and recording) live video in order to ensure VQAs are done efficiently and maintain a threshold for quality.

The game changer for them was: to be able to, in real-time, pause and rewind a video, trim it and then start the video from where it left off.

Iris has contributed to increasing efficiency by 75%, where their output with 4 employees is the same as the previous setup with 7 employees.

Business benefits

For Vinculums, the VQAs have been a pain-point due to the time and cost associated. Using the Iris Platform compared to their previous setup has helped Vinculums save a minimum of 8 hours per audit; giving time to perform more audits per week and increase customer satisfaction.

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