Flow or Dev? Choosing the right Iris solution for your organization

At first glance, it can be challenging to distinguish between the different Iris products when trying to choose the correct one for your organization. In basic terms, Iris provides a simplified platform to assist in the creation, management, and distribution of mobile live video throughout your organization and publicly. Both Iris Dev and Iris Flow, have proven beneficial in various industries and sizes of enterprises, however, each solution provides key features which are suitable for different business needs. This being the case, here is a little guide to help differentiate the framework of the two products and undercover the most suitable solution for your needs.

Iris Flow:

Compiling all of the tools needed in order to successfully roll out live video broadcasting within your organization, Iris Flow employs an effortless savvy app, a content management dashboard, and a distribution solution. In order to promote reliable, flexible and cost-efficient mobile live video, Iris Flow has provided the three separate entities to be used together to simplify the process of adding live video into your enterprise.

User-friendly and easily accessible, the Iris Flow app provides all members of staff the opportunity to capture global live footage at will, and directly stream to a control center or newsroom for real-time management. The app is downloadable for both iOS and android. With the simplicity of it allowing for natural use without having the need of training.

Using the Content Dashboard, selected members of the team to have the ability to monitor and preview the content being captured via the Iris Flow app and give real-time direction and feedback to the remote members of the staff. They are able to do this using the audio talkback and text chat features. The decision of what content is published is essentially made on the Content Dashboard and what is saved and categorized for later use or documentation purposes.

The Iris Flow solution has been created to be an end-to-end product for organizations that are without their own platforms. From filming to content management, everything is done with ease. You are able to swiftly implement Iris Flow within your organization, meaning that you can begin to stream your content from anywhere in the world almost instantly. This solution is ideal for use in Newsrooms or in field service industries, as employees often find themselves working remotely.

Iris Dev:

Iris Dev, on the other hand, is the ideal fit for enterprises that already have established apps and online platforms which they wish to integrate live video onto. Iris Dev provides a set of easily integrated SDKs and APIs, making it easy for developers to embed within your platform without having to create, scale, or maintain a video infrastructure themselves, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their enterprises.

That being said, this also allows for organizations to focus on other projects. One other interesting possibility to look into is the ability to use Iris Dev as a method of gathering user-generated content, or even for creating your own live streaming platform like Periscope, Facebook Live, or Snapchat. With live video dominating in recent years, it has become almost essential for apps, websites and social platforms to incorporate it to stay relevant in today’s communication revolution.

Use Cases

We have discovered trends in the usage of our platform, specifically within the field service industry, newsrooms, and tech enterprises.

In the case of field services, they have been able to optimize their business processes through the potential of the Iris Flow Platform, by capturing real-time video and photo documentation throughout every stage of an ongoing project. Being able to share updates of the progress of projects with clients and upper management, allowing for transparency throughout, providing for a better quality of work. In addition, field service organizations have benefited from the use of the Iris Platform, utilizing it as a core training resource. Field service technicians can record and document their journey throughout solving difficult tasks they encounter in the field. The footage can then be used at a later date to assist during the onboarding process for new employees.

In circumstances where Iris Dev has been implemented, field services have utilized the solution by collecting user-generated content (UGC) and enabling customers to be able to be self- serving. It has removed the need for service call-outs, allowing employees to focus on other tasks and increasing revenue.

The Iris Platform has been able to provide newsrooms with a more instantaneous and adaptable form of reporting, which in the past they have not had. Not only does it enable reporters to capture and broadcast real-time HD video instantly, it also enables individuals in the field to interact with the team back in the newsroom by using the talkback feature to ensure they are getting the right shot. The content can then be published to various online platforms, through our easy to use cloud-based dashboard that was created with news and media broadcasters in mind.

When Iris Dev is implemented, it is utilized by newsrooms by collecting user-generated content from readers and app users. They are able to harness users who want to contribute and engage to produce additional content.

In tech enterprises, by using the Iris Platform they are able to integrate Mobile Live Video capabilities into their already existing apps or platform as an additional feature.

Both Iris Flow and Iris Dev are industry leading, easy to use solutions. They provide organizations and individuals the possibility of creating, managing and distributing HD mobile live video and photo content, generated by anyone from members of staff, to members of the public. The Iris Platform offers unique solutions for a multitude of sectors and business needs. With a guaranteed solution for you, you will be able to reach your audience and your employees from every corner of the world, using mobile live video. To learn more details about these products check out our website.

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