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Iris software is trusted by some of the biggest corporations in the world, here are just a few of our proud partners

Harness the power of mobile live video with Iris

Iris facilitates the creation, management and distribution of HD mobile live video and photo content, generated by anyone from members of staff, to members of the public.


Live stream or upload pre-recorded video and photos using the Iris Flow mobile app or the Iris Dev mobile SDKs.


Easily monitor and organize media through the browser based Content Dashboard or access content programmatically using advanced APIs.


Categorize and store videos for later use, or publish immediately. Simply use the Player SDKs, or easily push to your existing video environment.

mobile live video

A live strategy for a changing world

Mobile live video is now becoming a baseline requirement for brands and organizations to interact with their audience, in a cost effective, engaging and current manner.

mobile live video

Let us take care of the technical details

Take advantage of our reliable, low-latency, mobile HD video streaming without having to worry about video infrastructure, stability, scaling or device fragmentation. There’s no need for an in-house Dev team dedicated to video maintenance, freeing up resources to focus on other aspects of your product or service.

mobile live video

Reap the full reward

Don’t let your business go unfulfilled and out of pocket, by using live video tools provided by social platforms. Other companies are reaping financial rewards from your content and usage, acquiring valuable customer data in the process. Regain that power with Iris.

mobile live video

A multipurpose business tool

Companies of all shapes and sizes are now adopting mobile live video for multiple business purposes such as; Operational Efficiency, Marketing, Reporting, Sales, PR and Staff Training.

Unique video solutions to suit your needs

Iris offers unique mobile live video solutions to suit every business need. From turnkey applications, to advanced SDKs and APIs to integrate into your existing platform.

How can Iris help YOU?

With over 5 decades of combined experience, our team of tech experts are pioneers in the live streaming and mobile broadcasting space. Offering solutions for a multitude of industry sectors and business needs, we guarantee that we have the solution for you. Leverage your staff, users, and audience to aggregate exclusive user generated content from anywhere in the world, directly to a news room, control center, or operations room.